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Our offer of specialized services

In an increasingly complex and shifting environment, the use of specialists is essential.

Search for missing beneficiaries and heirs

Tracing missing beneficiaries and heirs, in the context of unclaimed estates or dormant assets, is our core activity. We conduct our searches worlwide.

Since 1994, Sogeni has solved several thousand cases of search for heirs and beneficiaries, whether for vacant estates or dormant accounts.

Our genealogists have made their passion their job. Their decades of experience, their rich and diverse sources of information and their network of foreign correspondents allow them to locate missing persons with a success rate of over 95%. By entrusting your search missions to Sogeni, you have the near certainty of seeing your file succeed.

Our searches are conducted with utmost discretion so that no information about the principal or the assets at stake can be disclosed to anyone. Indeed, our internal procedures are extremely strict to ensure that banking secrecy is fully protected in all circumstances.

Location of missing persons

Thanks to our experience, our network of correspondents and our permanently optimized research tools, we find people whose asset holders have lost track of.

As part of their genealogical research toolset, our researchers have at their disposal a variety of resources, databases, contacts and relays abroad, allowing them to locate quickly and with a success rate of more than 95% the people whose trace has been lost.

If you are the administrator of a vacant estate or the holder of dormant funds, we can help you to find the missing beneficiaries.

Specific assets search

In case of a presumption of Swiss assets not claimed or missing from a succession, entrust the search to our experts who have the experience to carry out these investigations.
We can help you to identify assets in Switzerland (real estate, bank accounts) and hand them over to their beneficiaries, particularly in the context of estates opened abroad.
Whether you are an administrator or an individual facing such an estate, do not hesitate to contact us if you have information suggesting the existence of assets in Switzerland.

Drawing up an inheritance chart

Our genealogists obtain with the greatest rigor the acts establishing the hereditary links, thus proving the quality of the rights holders to a vacant or incomplete succession.

At the end of each mandate, we deliver a complete report establishing the filiation between the heirs and the deceased. This includes all civil status documents establishing parentage and corroborating the conclusions of the report.

Estate devolution verification

For our principals, we establish or verify the devolution of estates according to the applicable law in particular the calculation of shares in percentage due to each heir.

Inheritance law varies considerably according to jurisdiction, not only by country but also – in Switzerland – by canton. Our legal division specialized in international succession law has the mission of verifying the devolution, in particular the calculation of shares belonging to each heir, according to the applicable law.

Estate liquidation

On behalf of our heirs, we coordinate all administrative operations and steps to liquidate the estate and return the funds to the beneficiaries.

When an heir is represented by Sogeni, our legal department will carry out all or part of the estate liquidation operations on his/her behalf, defending the heir’s rights and interests throughout the process. This includes, where applicable, the sale of assets (real estate, securities, etc.), debt collection, the declaration and payment of the Swiss inheritance tax and, more generally, all steps to settle the estate in full compliance with the various administrations.

Family and historical genealogy

On request, our genealogists put their experience and know-how at the service of individuals conducting historical or family genealogical research.

We can offer tailor-made services to help you advance in your family genealogical research.

Whether you need a simple check-up to guide your research, obtain specific civil status document or develop your complete family tree, do not hesitate to consult us.

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