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Our principals

For almost 30 years, Sogeni has put its leading expertise in genealogy and estate law at the service of financial institutions and legal professions.

Sogeni offers its expertise and skills to financial institutions, legal professions and individuals.

Banks and Insurers

Sogeni is the partner of choice in Switzerland for resolving your cases of dormant assets in compliance with the Swiss Banking Act and the Swiss Banking Association’s NARILO guidelines

Dormant accounts require significant management efforts by the financial institution concerned and pose reputational risks. Since 2015, the NARILO guidelines of the Swiss Banking Association have also made it mandatory to actively search for customers whose contact has been lost.

Unprofessional search may be unsuccessful or have serious consequences, including the breach of bank secrecy.


Since 1994, Sogeni has been assisting Banks and Insurances in the resolution of unclaimed property cases with a success rate of over 95% assured by

  • the experience and reliability of our investigators
  • our international network of correspondents
  • the strict protection of bank secrecy in our missions
  • an appropriate and proportionate pricing model, in line with the recommendations of the NARILO directives


You are in charge of an estate but do not have sufficient information to identify the heirs and/or certify their status as a beneficiary: call on us, this is our job.

Since 1994, Sogeni has solved several thousand cases of heir search.

Our genealogical researchers rely on decades of experience, an international network of correspondents and highly efficient research tools to locate people around the world.

They obtain with the greatest rigour the civil status acts establishing the hereditary links, allowing to complete the family tree and to prove the quality of the rights holders to a vacant or incomplete succession.

If you are unsure of the hereditary status of heirs, presumed or claiming to be such, our genealogists will allow you to establish formal proof of this.

You wish to establish or verify the rights of your clients in relation to kinship, inheritance rights, surname, etc. We can help you.

As specialists in international estate law, we can verify or consolidate the rights of your principals in the context of an estate devolution.

In case of uncertainty about your client’s parentage and the resulting rights, our genealogists will allow you to establish the proof formally by obtaining all official acts.

You need help authenticating your family ties or checking your inheritance rights. You need assistance in your own genealogical research: we are at your disposal.

We can offer tailor-made services to help you advance in your family genealogical research. Whether you need a simple check-up to guide your research, obtain specific civil status document or develop your complete family tree, do not hesitate to consult us.

We are also at your service to resolve matters of filiation and inheritance rights.